Libera Trusses


LITEC designs and manufactures bespoke and standard aluminium truss systems for entertainment, corporate, film and TV, concert touring, theme park and architectural applications.

Libera System consists of “constant” elements, FL52, FL76 and FL105 flat beams, and “variable” elements which make it extremely versatile. Libera is compact, modular, strong, reliable, easy to transport and store. Libera cuts your running costs to a minimum. Libera roofing sheets are available in various lengths, finishings and colours. Libera can also easily combine with the High Load truss range with forked connections.

FL52 - Reliable for Fairs & Medium-sized Installations
This is the most suitable LIBERA system for fairs and medium-sized installations. This modular grid structure can be used to build single spans of up to 16/18 meters in length with standard centre-to-centre distances (50 cm, 1 and 2 meters).

FL76 - Ideal for Large Grids & Indoor Installations
This Libera System is ideal for large grids and complex installations, allowing to build structures of up to 22 metres long with standard centre-to-centre distances. Indoors, it is suitable for theatre grid structures, and TV and cinema studios with innumerable advantages.

FL105 - Indoor High Load Capacity & Wide Spans
The top of the Libera range. It is ideal for heavy duty use, with High Load carrying capacity and wide spans. Libera 105 is mainly for outdoor use. It is the most suitable system for building roofing and large structures. It can be used to build a span of up to 30 metres in length with a large carrying capacity.